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Individual consultation

What is individual consultation?
  Everyone's life is equal to a writing of their own stories. When you encounter stress, difficulties or ups and downs, sometimes you may feel  it is difficult to continue writing. Individual consultation provides a one-on-one companion, in which the teacher in the Student Counseling Center leads you to understand and explore yourself, revitalizes you and grant you enough strength to continue writing your own unique story.
Things to know about individual consultation
(1)Confidentiality:Interviews with teachers at the Center are confidential. The Center will not reveal your information except for the exceptions listed in the confidentiality principle (Note 1).
(2)Time: An exclusive 50-minute interview is especially reserved for you
(3)Free of charge: the consultative service provided by the Center is free of charge, so cherish every interview you have.
(4)Reservations: Please make reservations at the Center  yourself. If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone.