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Resource Classroom

Resource Classroom is a service unit dedicated to physically and mentally challenged students. The main functions of Resource Classroom are to integrate internal and external resources to help them adapt to their studies and everyday life, provide career and welfare counseling, and organize activities to meet their needs better. Resource classroom serves as an exclusive space for these students. Students with disabilities are heartily welcomed to utilize the resource.

Services we provide:

  1. Academic counseling: providing academic tutoring, facilitating applications for a companion student, holding orientations for academic counseling, offering special courses to meet students' individual needs.
  2. Guidance on everyday life: organizing orientations for freshmen and their parents, holding meetings on counseling, facilitating the rental service of assistive devices, and providing guidance on everyday life.
  3. Career Counseling: organizing pre-work lectures, orientations, career counseling and panels for the Employment Transition Program managed by the Ministry of Labor.
  4. Comprehensive services: facilitating scholarship applications, providing information about further education and employment, and organizing seminars on knowledge and skills for the challenged.

Boai Campus

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 08: 30-17: 30

Location: Room C304, the 3F of Qin-Pu Building

Undertakers: Consultants Hsiu-Min Sheng and Yi-Ling Kao; Tel: (02) 2311-3040 Ext.. 4332 - 4333

E-mail: stguide02@uTaipei.edu.tw

Tianmu Campus

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 08: 30-17: 30

Location: Office of Counseling Center, the 2F of the Administrative Building

Undertaker: Consultant Lin Yu-shan; Tel: (02) 2871-8288 Ext. 7932-7933

E-mail: career@utaipei.edu.tw